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1,000s of centres worldwide                  Huge revenue potential                  Turn-key system                  High growth industry

Own an Award-winning franchise in Australia

With more than 1000+ centres globally, Mathnasium is rapidly growing in Australia with new territories being snapped up quickly. We are on the lookout for people interested in owning a successful franchise business to join our rapidly expanding network

Rated 4.7/5 by Parents and Students

Mathnasium is widely regarded as one of the most successful franchises in the world. It offers a simple covid-resilient business model and is suitable for owners without maths or teaching experience. It has a turn-key system, huge revenue potential and fantastic support network. Join us

  • PROVEN BUSINESS MODEL - More than 1000+ Centres worldwide. Over 15 years of successful business operating systems.
  • COVID RESILIENT BUSINESS - Covid resilient with 100% online option to cater for at home learning.
  • HUGE REVENUE POTENTIAL - Excellent revenue potential with a successful online model to complement in-centre learning, plus opportunities to open multiple locations.
  • TURN-KEY SYSTEM - Simple set-up process and minimal effort is required to get started and operational.
  • BOOMING INDUSTRY - Soaring Demand — The global market for private tutoring services is estimated to reach $260.7 billion by 2024 (Global Industry Analysts).
  • NO MATHS, EDUCATION OR PRIOR BUSINESS OWNERSHIP REQUIRED - Learn from the experts every step of the way. Comprehensive training including business, marketing & recruitment tools. Benefit from global network and ongoing local franchise support team.

Meet Sarah & Felix, Some of our first Mathnasium Franchise Owners in Australia

Sarah & Felix share why they chose to join our network, the steps they took to get operational and how they love that a membership model is offered so they can gauge their revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of training does Mathnasium provide?

You will start with 40 to 50 hours of online interactive training. This is done in the comfort of your home and will prepare you for Mathnasium’s one-week Initial Training program in our US Los Angeles Franchising Head Office, which includes both classroom and interactive training. Our comprehensive and proven franchisee education program will cover step-by-step use of the operations manual and all the areas important to your success as a franchise owner.

Most importantly, you will be trained and supported on an ongoing basis by our dedicated franchise support team who will be there when you need help. The cost of this initial training is included in your franchise fee. You will be responsible only for your travel expenses. Before opening your Mathnasium Learning Centre, you will also have the opportunity to take part in our Apprenticeship program where you will spend 2-3 days working hands-on in one of our Sydney centres.

What type of advertising support can I expect?

Mathnasium maintains a full range of ready-to-use marketing materials, including formats for online advertising, flyers, display ads, direct mail pieces and brochures. Marketing is a turnkey operation at Mathnasium as we have years of experience to help guide you in the right direction.

How are Mathnasium centre operators supported?

Our goal is to help you to launch your centre speedily, comfortably, and confidently. You’ll receive thorough initial training to prepare you to open your centre. On an ongoing basis, we’ll be available to answer questions, and if you have a problem, we’ll try to help you solve it.

We have a comprehensive ongoing support program that includes:

  • Franchise Business Consultant performance coaching programme
  • Tune-up training sessions
  • Conventions
  • Individual and group telephone conferences
  • Email Q & A
  • In-person consultation and meetings as necessary
  • Timely distribution of marketing and operations materials
  • Mathnasium Matters, a continually updated blog that covers everything Mathnasium
  • Mathnasium University, an online educational resource for franchisees and their team to upgrade their own franchise knowledge set, at times that best fit their lifestyle

Together, these support services not only provide stability for new franchisees but also allow easy access to strategies for continued improvement.

Do I have to teach children myself?

As a Mathnasium franchisee, you are only required to personally participate in the management and operation of your centre(s). However, our goal is to make you comfortable with overseeing all aspects of running the centre-including working with children. Any business operates better if you’re hands-on. Your plan will include hiring instructors on an as-needed basis as your enrolment increases, but you should be willing to invest your time and energy in all functions of the centre, including teaching as needed.

Can I open my own chain of Mathnasium Learning Centres?

Yes. Talk with us about your plans for opening two or more centres. We will be glad to explain how you are approved to develop a chain of Mathnasium centres, including available discounts for multiple locations.

What is Mathnasium?

Mathnasium is an international chain of year-round learning centres where children go to improve their maths skills. We are highly specialised; we teach only maths. Each franchised centre utilises the Mathnasium Method, an individually customisable educational curriculum that has been created through over 35 years of classroom experience and research. Its goal: teach children maths in a way that makes sense to them.

Mathnasium centres are open to members at least five times per week during after-school and weekend hours and children are encouraged to attend twice weekly for best results. Using the Team Teaching technique along with over 20,000+ custom worksheets covering topics from Kindergarten to Year 10, Mathnasium has been making a difference in the lives of children since 2003 when we opened our first centre. Today, we have more than 1,000 thriving centres across the globe…and we are continuing to grow at a pace of nearly 2 new centres each week.

What is the Mathnasium Method?

The Mathnasium Method is the life’s work of Larry Martinek, Mathnasium’s Chief Instructional Officer and a maths teacher and education consultant for over 35 years. It’s the best there is: a time-tested, personalised programme that employs diagnostics, instruction, worksheets, and manipulatives to build number sense, and with it, confidence and a deep understanding, and a lifelong love of mathematics. Learn more about the Mathnasium Method.

What advantages does Mathnasium offer that other franchisors might not?

Most of our franchisees tell us that an important factor for them in choosing Mathnasium is the nature of the work. They want a personally fulfilling venture as well as a financial opportunity. They want to enjoy what they do and they want to look forward to going to work every day.

Additionally, our franchisees want to own a business that makes a real difference. They work better when they are passionate about what they do. Also, Mathnasium franchisees have found fundamental flaws with other education franchisors, including one or more of the following: high initial fees, exorbitant royalties, huge investment costs, unfair territories, complicated business models and multiple subjects instead of our focused maths-only approach. These flaws can diminish results for the children, and diminish the value to their parents.

Mathnasium has independent research that shows superior results from our teaching methodology, and we deliver these results every day. Mathnasium franchisees also tell us they care about the company and the franchisee community they are joining. They like being part of a franchisor/franchisee community of accomplished and caring individuals. Everyone from our franchisees to our executive team is in alignment: We all want to help children succeed in maths.

What is the typical profile of a Mathnasium franchisee?

We are looking for people who will be a great fit with our system: people who care deeply about helping children reach their potential and see business as a vehicle for realising their financial goals.

Our franchisees are enthusiastic, highly motivated, persistent and achievement-oriented—people who want to enjoy what they do. For some candidates, maths was not their favourite subject in school. For many it was. Some once considered teaching maths, but were concerned with the level of compensation or feared being undermined within a hierarchical, bureaucratic school environment. Others struggled with maths in school and have heightened sensitivity to the need to help children who are struggling. All are people who believe in the power of education to change lives.

Who are the executives who lead Mathnasium?

Mathnasium is the collaboration of three leading education and business experts:

Peter Markovitz, Founder and CEO, is one of the world’s leading franchising and education services executives, having led global companies that have operated in more than 70 countries. He is responsible for Mathnasium’s strategic direction and long term growth.

At Mathnasium, David Ullendorff, Founder and President, continues his extensive career of combining education with the best elements of children’s entertainment. An award-winning filmmaker and developer of children’s media, his work has been featured on television in the United States and around the world. As the co-founder of Futurekids, David pioneered the field of computer literacy for children and was the architect of the field’s first definitive curriculum that was used to teach millions of children in 72 countries.

An education professional for over 35 years, Larry Martinek, Chief Instructional Officer, has spent his entire career finding a better way to teach and learn maths. From inner-city public schools and acclaimed magnet schools to leading private and parochial schools, he has served as both a classroom teacher and as a consultant, designing curriculum, teaching strategies and teaching materials. Larry is the developer of Mathnasium’s educational program—one of the most comprehensive and innovative curriculums ever produced for teaching maths.

Together, these visionaries have taken Mathnasium from an idea to a worldwide educational leader in the franchise industry.


What People Say About Us

“The idea that I could come to Mathnasium with a great structure, a great team is really appealing. Cause it takes all the good aspects of owning a business, it blends that with the tools that Mathnasium gives you.”

Heather Ballesteros Dual Franchise Owner